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Basic indicators of cancer burden in the population are cancer incidence, mortality, prevalence and survival. All these indicators serve as a basis for evaluation of the effectiveness of primary and secondary cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care, as well as for planning the capacities and resources (personnel, medical equipment, bed fond…), needed for cancer control in these areas of activity.

The SLORA software makes available all these indicators, which can be downloaded and printed from this web portal. They refer to all cancer patients, residents of Republic of Slovenia, irrespective of where they have been treated or where they have died. Incidence and prevalence measures are available for the period from1961 onwards and the mortality and survival measures since 1985.

Data source for SLORA software is the Cancer Registry of Republic of Slovenia RS, one of the oldest population based cancer registries in Europe, managed by the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana since 1950. Cancer Registry of Slovenia is a database that is updated daily, which is reflected also in data available via the SLORA software. Because of the regular updates, data prepared (and maybe printed) by SLORA software in one day can differ slightly (but not more than for a few cases per year) from data prepared via SLORA software in the past, or data published in the annual reports of the Cancer Registry of Slovenia.

Cancer mortality data are collected by the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) and regularly sent to the WHO databank. Mortality indicators produced by SLORA software can differ slightly from the official mortality reported by the National Institute of the Public Health (but not more than a few cases a year). Detailed explanation for these differences can be found at Methods definitions section.

Please refer to the Users instructions for the SLORA software to get detailed information on how to use this online tool. If you are not familiar with cancer epidemiology or its terminology, you may wish to read the definitions of cancer burden indicators, basics about cancer and basic information on cancer burden in Slovenia and only after this start with your own data analysis. Please, be aware, that despite data preparation appears undemanding, the interpretation of results in cancer epidemiology can be a difficult and complex task. The Cancer Registry of Slovenia's professional staffs remains available for further explanation and more complex analyses.