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Here you can find epidemiological data on cancer in Slovenia and access some international cancer databases.

2020 cancer data is now available!


Cancer registration in Slovenia has a long tradition. Cancer Registry of Republic of Slovenia was founded at Institute of Oncology Ljubljana in 1950, making it one of the oldest population based cancer registries in Europe. Cancer incidence, prevalence and survival data are collected and published for more than 60 years, on SLORA web page are presented from 1961 onwards. Slovenian data on cancer mortality are gathered by the National Institute of Public Health; here are available since 1985.

Data reflect the cancer burden in entire Slovenia as well as in its individual administrative units. This information is important for planning and evaluation of the effectiveness of oncological primary and secondary prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care, as well as for planning the resources (personnel, medical equipment, bed fond…), needed for cancer control in these areas of activity as well as for clinical and epidemiological research.

Cancer Data

If you are not familiar with cancer epidemiology or its terminology, we advice you to study the definitions of cancer burden indicators , read basics about cancer and about cancer burden in Slovenia and only after this start with your own data analysis.

Please be aware, that despite data preparation appears undemanding, the interpretation of results in cancer epidemiology can be a difficult and complex task. The Cancer Registry of Slovenia  professional staff remains available for further explanation and more complex analysis.

Recommended reference

Any use of data on incidence, prevalence or mortality should be referenced as:

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Use of survival information should be referenced as:

Zadnik V, Zagar T, Lokar K, Tomsic S, Duratovic Konjevic A, Zakotnik B. Trends in population-based cancer survival in Slovenia. Radiol Oncol 2021; 55(1): 42-9. doi:10.2478/raon-2021-0003

Use of any other SLORA information should be referenced as:

Zadnik V, Zagar T. SLORA: Slovenia and Cancer. Epidemiology and Cancer Registry. Istitute of Oncology Ljubljana. www.slora.si (DD.MM.YYYY).

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